5 tips to genuinely like raw foods #1

22/02/2011 19:21

Whether you are just starting to eat raw foods, looking forward to include more raw foods in your diet or enhance your already established love with the raw dishes, these tips are going to be very useful, as there are some cooked factors that people are still attached to, which can be overcome with simple steps, with the plus of the often easy and budget friendly raw food recipes. There is also a poor man's recipe, easily adaptable for your taste, very nutritious and quick to prepare, for the every day raw food at the end of the post, be sure to check it out.

1. Learn flavor tricks

Ever let garlic and herbs sit for some weeks in your olive oil bottle? That is one of the simplest and tastier tricks for flavoring. You can add any spices you might like, and be sure to have around 2 or 3 different blends for you to play with. Also, remember leave one portion unflavored, for those recipes that require milder taste. You can also do this with extra virgin sunflower or flax oil - not the refined, though, as it is not raw and laden with chemicals.

In dealing with dried mushrooms, you can always add olive oil, onions and a little soaking water, warm to make it quicker. You can also make a bowl of soaked mushrooms - not too large, though - with your favorite seasonings and olive oil so you will save soaking time in your recipes.

Letting the food sit with the seasonings for some hours or overnight is also another tasty idea, as the flavors blend better. If you are too busy, just make a huge food batch or two if you like eating more varied recipes, for 3 days or to your taste, and keep in the frigde. The flavors will blend so nicely, you will have tasty meals with almost no work involved! Remember some seasonings are stronger when raw, specially garlic. Start with half the amount you would normally use, if you feel the need of more, add it later.

A trick for raw tomato sauce that tastes like cooked is soaking dried tomatoes with enough water to cover, garlic if you like, onions, bell pepper, pepper and olive oil and processing it; add herbs like oregano and-or parsley, fresh or dried, and process again, so the herbs won't disappear into the sauce. With time you will find out the right proportions, but start with little of each. The onions and bell peppers can be added, finely chopped or in strips, after processing, instead of in the first run, if you like the pieces. Use that for raw zucchini pasta - which can be grated lenghtwise instead of spiralized - or anything you like. The video is what I used for inspiration to this sauce, but I don't put fresh tomatoes.

Try seasonings you have never eaten before, make your spice blends, open your mind and be creative! If you eat varied dishes, it is more likely you will adore every single one of them. Also, some recipes taste much better than they look, either on a picture or on your mind, feel confident to try them out!
Budget nutritious raw corn recipe

Serves 3 main or 5 side dishes


Raw corn from 3 ears, or 3 cups of raw frozen corn- 
1 carrot, parsnip or 1 cup sweet potato, thinly processed, just before becoming a paste
3 cups of broccoli, green grated cabbage or other dark green veggie you might like
1 cup of funghi, soaked with one and a half cup of warm water, 2 tbsp of olive oil and, if you wish, thinly chopped onions for 1-2 hours, or 2 cups of fresh mushrooms marinated with the same amount of olive oil.
1 cup of raw tomato sauce, recipe above in the article
Fresh parsley or cilantro
Avocado, add at the time of consumption to avoid browning
Anything else that comes to your mind, or that is sitting on your fridge almost going bad

Mix it all throughly and, if possible, let it sit overnight. It is delicious both cold and warm - read the next post for how to warm your food and still keep it raw. Great to take along, and it can be modified along the way, so I recommend making a simpler version, like the one presented, and adding more ingredients and stronger seasonings after the first day.

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